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We’re in the business of saving you time and money with our sign installation services in Ottawa.

Book Installation Requests Online

We are the only real estate sign installation company in Ottawa to offer clients a self-serve online portal.

Reduced Property Site Visit Count

Focus your time and effort on selling properties. Let us handle the installation and management of your signs.

Eliminate Clutter and Lost Signs

Free sign inventory tracking, and storage in our secure facility, are included for all of our real estate clients!

Expedited and weekend installations available

Extensive service area in and around Ottawa

Sign and post removal included in installation fee

Our posts are clean, bright and eye-catching

Complete collection of riders available to rent

Stand out by adding solar lights to your sign posts

Meet our selection of premium sign posts.

Whether you’re aiming for a classic look, modern or minimalist, we’ve got you covered.


Single Post (Standard PVC)

Classic 6 foot single swingpost made of durable PVC and available in white, black and red.

Supports up to a 36″ x 40″ main panel, a top rider and up to 4 bottom riders.

Dual Post (PVC)

Sturdy 6 foot two-post frame made of durable PVC, and available in grey.

Supports larger main panels up to 60″ x 40″ main panel, as well as a top rider.

Free Standing Base

Sturdy 6 foot freestanding single-post frame made of durable PVC, and available in white.

Solar Light

Advertise your properties 24/7 with our solar powered sign light.

Available for all PVC single and dual model posts!

Single Post (Metal)

Simple 5 foot single swingpost made of black steel iron.

Supports up to a 40″ x 40″ main panel, a top rider and up to 2 bottom riders.

Your Own Post

Do you already have custom branded sign posts?

We will store them for free, and you will be able to select them in our online booking portal!

It’s time your sign posts reflect your professionalism.

If you’re unimpressed with available sign posts, register today to elevate your brand using our premium models!

Our online booking portal is your secret weapon.

Log in from any device and book real estate sign and lockbox services in minutes. Anytime.

Easy and Intuitive Interfaces

After registering for free with our exclusive SignTraker online portal, you will be able to request new installations with just a few basic details.

Choose from our selection of post types, riders, lockboxes, and additional add-ons to fully meet your needs!

Track your Active Installations

Viewing your currently deployed signs, billboards and lock boxes is as easy as navigating to your Current Installs page.

From here you will see all of your existing installation requests, their status, as well as photos taken by our expert installers.

Sign Management and Services

Did your listing just sell and you would like a Sold rider be added? Would you like to have a lockbox removed? Was a sign damaged in a storm and you would like it serviced?

Opening a Service Order for these tasks and many more is just a few clicks away.

We don’t just install sign posts, we offer a full suite of real estate sign management services.

Watch our demo video showing just how easy it is to book expert real estate services in Ottawa!

Don’t fall behind your competition.

Join the 40+ brokerages and over 420 agents who are already using our Ottawa real estate sign installation services!

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