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Instantly write your propertly listing descriptions.

Provide a few details about your property, and our natural language generation AI does the rest.

Generate Listing Descriptions Online

We are the only real estate service company in Ottawa to offer automated property listing descriptions.

Human Writing Skill with AI Speed

Our listing descriptions may be generated by a natural language AI, but they read as perfectly natural English.

No Contract or Subscription Fees

Generate as many listing descriptions as you need, each with a low flat fee, and delivered to your email.

Receive professional descriptions in 5 mins

Suitable for houses, apartments and condos

Received directly in your email inbox

Receive both short and long form descriptions

Sent in text format for easy editing

Reads as if written by professional writers

Revolutionize how you prepare property listings.

If you could reduce your description writing down to 5 minutes, how would that help you?

You “brief the writer” by completing our property briefing survey. Be prepared to spend five whole minutes! Our system immediately completes the writing and delivers your property descriptions via email in two formats: a short version and a long form version.

The short version falls within the 1,000 character limit of popular listings sites. The long version is for use where character limits are not an issue, such as on a dedicated website, marketing flyer, or email.

We make use of the Nila June platform, which is a natural language generation system that combines human writing skill with AI computation power.

Absolutely! The descriptions are emailed to you in editable text format.

Feel free to add your own flair or additional details. Even if you decide to make a couple of changes yourself, you’ll still have prepared a full property listing description in less time than it takes to make a cup of coffee.

Not at all! The natural language model used to generate our descriptions is based on real input from professional writers. Compared to how some agents write listing descriptions these days, our AI generated texts often sound more natural.

Our system is powered by human writers, making human decisions, to produce the best possible prose for you. We let the computers assemble the text in a snap, but the writing took years of work to prepare.

First, create a free account to access our Nila June-powered online portal.

Then, log in and click the Create a New Listing Description button. Follow the simple step by step survey to provide the details of your property.

The questions are in the format of “Check all that apply” for various aspects of the home or neighborhood, and  sometimes they prompt you to enter basic values such as square footage.

Lastly we collect payment for the service and you receive an email with your property attachments within minutes!

Save over thirty minutes from every listing you publish.

Stop writing property listing descriptions from scratch, or paying expensive copywriters.

Our AI description writer is your secret weapon.

Log in from any device and create authentic, compelling property descriptions in 5 minutes.

Easy and intuitive interface

After registering for free with our exclusive portal, you will be able to request instant descriptions with just a few basic details.

Follow the step-by-step survey that takes just a few minutes to complete!

Delivered straight to your inbox

As soon as you hit Submit on the step-by-step survey, our natural language generation system gets to work crunching together the perfect property description for your listing.

In just a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with a short version that fits within the character limit of MLS sites, and a longer version to use everywhere else!

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Receive professional descriptions in 5 mins
Delivered directly to your email inbox
Reads as if written by professional writers
Sent to you in text format for easy editing
Receive both short and long form descriptions